Investors are always looking for the next hot market segment. Most investors are fairly savvy at reading long-term trends, while most can’t predict where the next meme-driven stock rally will go. As the pandemic rages on and more individuals find themselves using the internet for both work and school, investors have been flocking to the world of educational technology with great speed. While online education may still feel like it’s in its infancy now, many investors are banking on it having a robust future.

For many, investing in educational technology is a bit of a no-brainer. Students worldwide are now spending more time on educational platforms than ever before, leading to a market where a far broader range of learners are now experiencing what a significant minority of students have already come to know over the last few decades. It’s not just that more students are learning online, but that more school districts and parents are beginning to recognize how well this sort of education can work for many students.

The other big change is that consumers are beginning to understand the shortcomings of online education and thus flock to those products that can overcome those issues. The average consumer now has a much better understanding of what makes a platform useful and will put their money behind those platforms that solve major problems. As such, investors who back those products will have a much easier time turning a profit.

There’s also a sense that now that the distance learning genie is out of the bottle, it can’t easily be put back in. While most students will likely go back to the classroom in the future, many will stay remove due to preference. This means that there is a much larger audience out there to use educational technology and much more room for investors to profit.

Educational technology isn’t the next big thing – it’s the current big thing. Investors are already hitting these products hard, and some will almost certainly become household names shortly. Getting in on this market now is a good way to get on the ground floor of something that seems to have limitless growth potential.