Interview with Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is a Venezuelan businessman based in Miami. He owns Southern Procurement Services (SPS), which operates on a multinational platform and works to develop and offer the latest, most cutting-edge technology within the oil and petroleum sector.

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva has been working in the oil and petroleum industry for the entirety of his life. Manuel studied engineering and trained in geodetic engineering at the University of Zulia.

After school, Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva discovered he wanted to be the innovation of these techniques as well as the entire process around extracting natural resources. He followed his passion and went on to found the Southern Procurement Services (SPS) to provide the oil and gas industry with state-of-the-art technology, machinery, and equipment. With a team of trained professionals, they’re able to offer specialized services and provide their customers with the solutions and answers that they need.

SPS is an oil and petroleum industry leader with a proven track record and experience in the field. All of this, alongside receiving timely responses from its supply chain, is why SPS is serving as the official representation of multiple established international brands within the market. Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva and his team provide training, delivery, facilities, maintenance, logistics, and equipment security support.

SPS operates in the United States, Mexico, and Venezuela and works very closely with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Jordan, Pakistan Petroleum, France’s Total Oil.  Manuel incorporates his extensive industry knowledge and experience on his websites and There you will find latest oil industry updates and blog on innovative technology.

Our Interview With Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva

What’s the most important thing we should know about you?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: The constancy. During the time, I have learned to manage in crisis always oriented to achieve successful results despite the obstacles.

Name the most impactful lesson you learned from failure.

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: I have learned to know how to reinvent yourself, optimize resources and look for integral and innovative solutions to challenge new challenges

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Build a solid family and start my own oil company being very young.

What did you waste the most time on when you were first starting your career? 

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: On education as a tool for innovation, and innovation as a key to always differentiate ours products and services.

Name a tool you use for work that you can’t live without.

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Stocks app.

What is your favorite hobby and why?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Walk outdoors. It is the moment when I connect better with myself and the best ideas arise.

What excited you the most about your industry right now?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: The opportunity to innovate and build integral solutions to face new challenges.

What concerns you most about your industry right now?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Prevent its growth from stagnant

What’s the greatest risk you’ve ever taken?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Start a company from scratch, in a country with high risk conditions and turn it into a productive entity with high international projection.

Name one small habit that positively impacts your productivity.

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Getting up very early and check the market indices.

What tips do you have for getting a seat at the table?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Be creative, optimistic, risky and know how to plan in the long term.

What book has made the biggest impact on your life?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: The biography of Steve Jobs made me reflect on the importance of dedicating quality time to my family

Do you value intelligence or common sense more? Why?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Both are complementaries.

What would you consider to be the perfect day?

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Enjoying a day at the beach with my family.

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