The internet has certainly made the world a smaller place. Communication between individuals as well as sharing information and files have become elementary and instantaneous processes. On that premise, societies have become reliant on technologies more than ever before and are, unfortunately, at risk of a global crisis, which is cybercrime. Cybercrimes or attacks include damage or theft of computer software, hardware, and sensitive data, such as governmental information, personal information, health information, and intellectual property. In addition to that, cyberattacks also have huge impacts on economic costs, reputational costs, and regulatory costs.

As these threats are constantly on the rise in this day and age, the importance of cybersecurity for many governments around the world is also increasing. Indeed, a substantial number of governments and organizations understand the urgency of addressing this international issue that knows no border whatsoever.

By definition, cybersecurity is the process or state through which computer networks, systems, programs, and devices are protected from any form of cyber attack or threat. By using new artificial intelligence and social engineering methods, cyberattacks are becoming more dangerous to everyone’s sensitive data and more sophisticated to get around security controls.

Three key steps should be followed to protect an organization against sophisticated security breaches and increase its security overall. The first step involves educating all organization members about the risks of cyber-attacks and the common scams, such as phishing. The second step involves investing in tools that prevent leaking of credentials as well as data exposure. Finally, organizations should also use technologies that reduce costs and give them an overall cyber-attack risk assessment.

That being said, there is still a lot of work to be done by governments worldwide to fight this international crisis. Although many countries believe that the key to dealing with cyber-attacks and investigating them is through joining forces, a lot of times, this does not occur due to the poor communication between some countries.