Total global energy consumption increased 2.9%

Renewable energies registered an increase of 14.5% between 2017 and 2018 but only represent 4% of total consumption. Oil barely rose 1.2% but accounts for 33.6% of the market

Although renewable energies gain ground at high speed, oil continues to move the world. The statistical summary of the 2019 World Energy report of the British company BP specifies that oil is the energy that is consumed most in the world but in turn is the one that grows the least. Just the opposite occurs with renewable energy, since they are the ones that have experienced the greatest growth but to date they occupy the last place in the list of global consumption

During 2018, oil topped the list of energy consumption in the world with a 33.6% market share, secondly, coal appears with 27.2% and thirdly gas with 23.9%. The list completes the hydraulic energy with 6.8%, nuclear energy with 4.4% and in the last place of global consumption its renewable energies place with 4%.

Increase renewable energy 

The order in the list is reversed when the variation between 2017 and 2018 is observed. Renewable energies are those that experienced the greatest growth in this period with an increase of 14.5%, followed by gas with 5.3%, the Hydraulic energy with 3.1%, nuclear energy reached a rise of 2.4%, coal 1.4% and ultimately oil is located with a positive variation of just 1.2%.

With respect to the general energy consumption in the world, the report reveals that between 2017 and 2018 there was an increase of 2.9%. An increase in carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 2% was also reported.

Energy consumption in Spain

Taking into account the behavior of energy consumption in Spain, the report highlights that while oil increases its share to monopolize almost half of the market with 47.1%, with gasappearing in second place with 19.1%, energy Renewables are located in the Iberian nation well above the global average, reaching third place with 11.3%.

It is striking that renewable energies are not the ones that experience the greatest growth in Spain, since between 2017 and 2018 they hardly registered a positive variation of 1.7%, even below oil, which grew 2.6%, being the second fastest growing energy in this country. The first place was occupied by hydraulic energy with an increase of 87.4%.

Although global consumption increased all types of energy during the period compared, in Spain there was a negative variation of -17.3% in terms of coal, nuclear energy was reduced -4.3% and gas experienced a contraction of -0.8%. The increase in general energy consumption in Spain was 1.8%, below the world variation. A similar behavior registered the emission of carbon dioxide, which rose in this country by 1.6%.

Historical facts

  • The 2% increase in CO2 emission has been the largest in the last seven years
  • The United States recorded the largest annual increase in oil production in the last 30 years with 16.6%
  • Natural gas experienced the largest increase in the consumption and production rate of the last 30 years with 5%
  • Coal continues to be the most used fuel in electricity generation for 20 years
  • In one year the energy increase grew 2.9%, almost double the average increase during the last decade (1.7%)